Literatute by Jeffrey Morcilla

Topics: Philippines Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: April 19, 2013
The gorgeousness of literature is the man’s nature in writing different stories, poems, novels, fables, etc. that always create the world of literature. In every detail on a particular story or a form of writings it always gives a meaningful insight on the mind of individuals. It also gives hallucination to the reader to become addicted and the imaginative property of mind to portray different characters on the back of their heads. That’s what makes a literature a literature. One example of literature under legend is the Legend of Mayon, it considerably a Bicol literature. Mostly bicolanos are familiar to “Daragang Magayon”, “Panangoron”, “Linog”, amd “Pagtuga” these different characters portray different attitude towards love and revenge. That’s why Bicol has a trademark of having Mount Mayon because it depicts the origin of Mount Mayon that located in Bicol region in terms of “fiction”. My insight about Bicol Literature is somewhat serve as the foundation of every cultures that still on our current era value it. Just like the Legend of Mayon if there were no person who created that fiction about Daragang Magayon there will be no Bicol region that will be known to its unique description. I can also say that having a kind of Literature to a particular area in the Philippines makes them to become unique to other provinces. Another vital significant of having Bicol Literature is that through literature our region is become popular and well-known worldwide due to have these different stories, poem, myths, legends etc. that talks more on our beloved region. One example of it is the person who entitled as the “Great Poet” who is Mr. Louis Cabalquinto, one of his magnificent pieces is the Poem about on his “balwarte” which is “Magarao”. His poem has been read by a different people who are master in Literature somewhere in US, these artist admired Mr. Cabalquinto for being such a creative writer and in fact he is awarded for being outstanding person in the field of...
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