Hunyango Sa Bato - Abdon Balde Jr.

Topics: Project management, A Story, Government Pages: 6 (2422 words) Published: November 1, 2010
By Abdon M. Balde Jr.

The book Hunyango sa Bato by Abdon Balde M. Jr generally speaks about how the Philippine government’s administrative system manages the funds and control it for the greater benefit of the officials rather than the Filipino people. It talks about the underlying facts of corruption on the construction industry. Through each story, the author reveals different ethical issues from different situations which the reader can easily understand and relate to the present life. It is surprising that the author was acknowledged with his writings and not on the bridges and roads that he made. This proves that a person can do best when he or she loves what he does. Although he had always dreamt of being a good story teller just like the hired man who was a suspect on every crime he was paid for, the author still followed the dream of his father for him to become an engineer. During those times, the father’s argument that there is no money on becoming a writer may be true. Nevertheless, the author had done a great story of his past. Together on his experiences was a clear, narrative view of how rich the Philippine culture is. And maybe, if have not been an Engineer, he may not have the good stories to share which he had told in a way that the reader can imagine that he or she is also a part of the story. The Pecking Duck story. The Pecking Duck is the “special gift” the Chinese Businessman offers to the truck drivers and to the other persons who is part of the project. This is a way of the Chinese Businessman to bribe them so the cement deliveries for their project will be prioritized. The Pecking Duck pertains to women who makes money for short-time sex activities. The author knew that the area where the project is located would be quite difficult for their trucks to get into even before he gave his commitment to the customer. But upon having it confirmed by the assigned Project Engineer, the area is fine, and there will be no problems along the way going to the area. After a series of deliveries, the author decided to pay a visit on the project. This is when he had known how the person involved accomplishes a relatively quite difficult job without any complaints. This story is an example of how people tends to get used on receiving extra offers to perform better on their jobs which is not a good practice since they are paid for what they should do based on the responsibility given to them. Although it really boosts the energy of the person who benefits from it, I think it is unethical for a business allow their people to receive special offers like what was told in the Pecking Duck Story either it is based on monetary or other means. The company should issue a written policy on prohibiting their employees to receive any special offers from any of their clients to avoid being held on by their clients because of this. This act might also start discouraging other clients when they knew about some clients receive more priority than them because of the additional offer. Furthermore, using sex activities as an enticement is not only unethical, but is also immoral. The author shared an old saying that says, “Lahat daw ng masarap sa buhay kung hindi iligal ay immoral o kaya ay pampataba.” All the good things in life is either illegal or immoral or nevertheless, can make you fat. The reader can easily agree with this statement especially because gambling, prostitution, drug addiction, smoking and even drinking outside their houses during the day time are very common on the streets of Metro Manila. The young people who are living on this kind of areas were more likely to be engaged on the same practice as they grow older. I wish this saying can be soon be replaced by the saying “All the good things in life are free.” If only people can start working hard more and stop complaining, we may all be living on a better world. Learning to Play the Game. On this story, the...
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