Literature Review on Marriage

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  • Published: May 2, 2011
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In the study of literature it is very important that you know exactly what you are reading and that you completely understand the meaning behind the stories, poems, or plays. When reading the stories you must fully be able to apply many different analogical structures and also different literature theories to them. When reading the stories about lovers and marriage that are going to be listed in my final paper here, you can truly see how they give many great examples of all the things you need to make literature studies work. In choosing the following stories I have decided that they are the closest things related to my personal life. “The Story of an Hour”, “The Necklace”, and “The Proposal”. I do believe that these are wonderful works of literature and that they can be fully understood and just work with any person that is open to reading different literature pieces. I do believe that if you are willing to sit down and take the time to read these stories that you will see just how wonderful life with someone can truly be. The way that you need to approach literature is as followed,” The first objection might take this form, in which the reader is imagined to think that this study has not gone far enough. Such readers will have agreed that the theories of literature offered (implicitly or explicitly) by the institutionalist critics discussed above are inadequate in differing but central aspects. They will agree that the dialogue which takes place between the work and its writer and readers as it develops is as important as that which takes place between the work and its origins in philosophical, psychological, and historical causation. They will agree, in short, that works of literature are capable of resisting and transforming institutional contamination as well as succumbing to it.” Cited Lansdown, R. Autonomy of Literature : Institutionalism and Its Discontents.(2001) I think that the above is a great way to start when you are beginning to...
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