Literature Evaluation

Topics: Nursing, Nurse Pages: 3 (615 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Literature Evaluation

Paper 1.
McConnaha, S 2003, ‘Nursing as a research discipline’, Health Progress, vol.84, no.2, p.45.

According to McConnaha, Scoot (2003), the writer conducted interview with Health Progress, Sr. Weinert. The aim of this interview is discussed nursing, nursing science, and the effect of nursing shortage in rural areas. Sr. Weinert, the director of the College of Nursing’s Center for research on Chronic Health Conditions in Rural Dweller, as a leader of the growing community of nurses, she explained the differences between the current nursing research and her own experiences 50 years ago. Moreover, the scope of nursing science research is becoming more widespread, all kinds of physiological and psychosocial measures have been covered. Hence, nurses need to play two roles in arts and science nowadays. In addition, Sr. Weinert stressed that working in rural areas’ nurses should take the highest set of skills and be able to work independently. Nurse shortage in rural areas is one of the reasons. Sr. Weinert (2006) concludes that nurses with passionate in science and have very strong foundation in an academic setting are needed.

Paper 2.
Jayasekara, RS & McCutcheon, H 2005, ‘The History of Nursing Services and Education in Sri Lanka and the Effects on Developing Professionalism’, Journal of Nursing Education, vol.45, no.10

This article is focus on investigating the evolution of nursing education and services in Sri Lanka and the evolution had a series of influence on developing professionalism in nursing. Mr. Jayasekara, a PHD candidate, and Dr. McCutcheon, a Head and Professor of Health Nursing, reviewed the Sri Lanka health system, and expounded that the impact of the establishment of Western Medicine for evolution of nursing education; some major problems for nursing services has been proposed at the end of the article, as the same time, some recommendations are shared by the writer. The two scholars completed this remarkable...
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