Personal Ethics

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Personal Ethics

Professional moral compass
In an individual’s ethical development takes place through guidance and advice from within the community he or she lives in. Factors like family, religious teachers, peers and teachers at school contribute toward the development of personal values. Personal experience differ from individual to individual due to their culture and religion hence the outcome or solutions will be different for a similar type of situation. (Csongradi, 2010). The branch of study dealing with principles of right conduct is Ethics. (Purtilo & Doherty, 2010). In the dictionary definition of ethics is “the discipline dealing with what is good and bad with moral duty and obligation” ( The American Nurses Association (ANA) have laid down definite standards and guidelines dealing with nursing responsibility and ethical issues in the Code of Ethics for Nurses. (ANA, 2012) Philosophy of Nursing and worldview

I was born in India and served in the Military as a nurse, for nearly decade, the background I come from Honesty, family and ethics were imbibed at early stages of life. In our culture respect for elders and teachers is of greatest importance. This aspect is seen in the joint family system that is common in India. In a close knit family the respect for elders, love and caring for the sick and old, affection, value of honesty and support both spiritual and moral, can be seen to the very core. The satisfaction and joy for caring for others especially the old and sick inspired me to choose nursing as a profession. The basic philosophy of nursing all over the world is the same; however, individual morals, values and ethics play an important role in shaping the outcome.

Values, Morals and ethics
Ethical values and morals are often seen as behavioral rules in individuals and they are inter-related. The importance of values moral in the profession of nursing cannot be...
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