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It is the list of those essays which has been asked in previous css exams and intend to b most important. By practicing those essays u can achieve robust grip in essay. the following essays may not repeat but surely play crucial role to enlarge idea that how a css essay paper formatted.

01. Dilemma of the water and energy crisis in Pakistan (2003) 02. Art critics and reviewers (2003)
03. Alleviation of poverty (2005)
04. Persecuted poor women (2005)
05. Foreign direct investment (F.D.I) in Pakistan (2006)
06. Global warming (2006)
07. Personalization of Pakistani politics (2006)
08. Formal and casual dressing codes (2003)
09. Liberalism (2006)
10. Existentialism (2003)
11. Socio-economic challenges faced by Pakistan (2005)
12. Islam versus the west (2005)
13. International crisis in terrorism (2000)
14. Humour in Urdu literature (2006)
15. Higher science education in the developing countries (2000) 16. The search of truth (2005)
17. Nuclear weapons are not only a great peril but great hope (2006) 18. Austerity, As a solution go all our economic problems (2000) 19. Economic prosperity of a nation is directly proportional to the level of literacy in it (2001) 20. Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is though necessary (2000) 21. National Integration ( 2001)

22. Risk of "Soviet syndrome" for Pakistan (1999)
23. Higher economic problem at Pakistan and how to meet them (2000) 24. Devolution of power in Pakistan (2001)
25. Art and morality (2000)
26. Need for serious planning in technical education in Pakistan (2000) 27. Is the world ready of the Gene age? (1999)
28. Public office is a public trust (2001)
29. Piety at public expense (1999)
30. The greatest of evil and the worst of crime is poverty (1996) 31. The struggle to raise’s a nation’s living standard is fought first and foremost in the class room (1999) 32. Pleasure of idleness (1997)

33. Eternal vigilance is the pries of liberty (1996)
34. Renaissance in the Muslim world : Prospects and perils (1999) 35. The press and the nation rise and fall together (1996)
36. Most of the history is guessing and rest is prejudice (1999) 37. Expanding I.T ; a curse or blessing (1997)
38. CTBT and its implications for Pakistan (1996)
39. Decay of Idealism in Pakistan (1999)
40. Human development must b objective for all other development (1997) 41. Ravages of flood and their control in Pakistan (1996)
42.The current economic scenario at Pakistan (1996)
43. Pakistan as leader of the Islamic world (1998)
44. Iz small family necessarily a prosperous family ? Discuss (1996) 45. Muslim perception for west, and the western perception for islam (1997) 46. World economic scenario and Pakistan place in it (1998)

47. Accountability first and elections later (1996)
48. The causes of female backwardness in Pakistan and an appraisal of contribution that woman can make to nation development effort (1996) 49. Frailty thy name is woman (1998)
50. Nuclear weapons are not only a great peril but great hope (2006) 51. Danger of nuclear war in the years to come (1998)
52. Civil war "in Afghanistan" consequences for regional countries (1997) 53. The scourge of sectarian militancy and ethnic violence in Pakistan (1996) 54. The role of science in next century (1998)

55. Democracy in Pakistan will remain insecure without strong local self-government institution (1997) 56. History as "the biography of great men " (1998)
57. My philosophy in life
58. In democracy the voter of the vicious and stupid count but under any other system they might "be running the show".(1997) 59 The United Nations: Its triumphs and failures since its inception (1998) 60. Estrangement from our own culture is driving us on the verge of collapse, not just our identity but out morality (2005) 61. WTO (world trade organization) and its implication for developing economies like Pakistan (1997) 62. A review of the political and...
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