Lions King Annotations

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The Lion King Lens Annotations
1.     Type: Marxist
Evidence: Other animals gather to welcome the new baby lion, Simba to the world as the Mufasa’s heir. The other animals bow in acceptance to Simba. Analysis: Apparently the strongest rule in the Pride Rock Kingdom and Mufasa is the strongest animal therefore he is the King that protects the balance of life in the safari and Simba is the prince that will inherit his throne after his passing. It may not be too obvious but the hierarchy is shown throughout the film even in this scene however instead of the affluent ruling over the impoverished the hierarchy is ruled by the able-bodied animals over the feeble ones.  Such as the lions ruling the other animals in the safari then under them would be the elephants because not many animals can hunt elephants. And this list of animals would go on until they reach the lowest which would be the scavengers who do not catch their own foods and so is shunned by the people in the kingdom. 2.     Type: Postcolonial

Evidence: Mufasa is not only Scar’s older brother but he is brighter and larger than Scar. Scar on the other hand tends to be a much smaller size in comparison and darker not only with his main but his whole fur coat is a brown compared to Mufasa, which is a golden color. Analysis: The blonde color of Mufasa could mean that brightly colored lions are favored for not only to find a mate but also to lead a pack of lions/lionesses. Though Scar is more intelligent than Mufasa he was not chosen as the next ruler maybe because Mufasa is the older brother which would mean Mufasa is automatically first in line for this figurative throne for Pride Rock.  In a monarchy the eldest son is typically the next in line for the throne however in some cases the throne can be given to the favored child of the ruler and so is the case with Mufasa and Scar though Scar is the youngest and he may be smarter than his older brother but Mufasa may have been a favored child of the pass king, their father. Mufasa may have been favored by their Pride because of his strength and brightly colored fur and Scar may have been neglected because of his more much more feeble body. Scar is not only darker than Mufasa but he has green eyes and green can be considered the color of envy or jealousy so it seems as though Scar as the younger brother has the eyes of envy over Mufasa. 3.     Type: Symbolism

Evidence: Mufasa tells Simba about the borders of their kingdom and that everything that the light touches belongs in the kingdom however the Shadow Lands are beyond the border of the kingdom. Analysis: The sunlight is the energy source of all living things on Earth and that may be the reason why Mufasa tells Simba that their kingdom stretches all the way out to the end of the horizon. It could also mean that the lions are scared that they are not sure of what is beyond their borders and are not willing to take the initiative to venture out on their own. Mufasa also thinking that everything the light touches is there could be a play on “The sun never sets on the British Empire” because at one point Britain had colonized a majority of the world and that could mean that in the Safari the lions have an influence in their community as powerful as what Britain had on the world. Or the lighted area can be made to look like a haven for all “accepted” animals while the Shadow Lands are for the shunned animals made to look like a hellish area to the younger generations, there by scaring them into never venturing out to the dangerous zones. 4.     Type: Psychoanalytical

Evidence: Scar provokes Simba into going to the Elephant Graveyard where Mufasa forbade him from entering. Analysis: In any ordinary family Scar would be the cool uncle that his nephew loves for allowing him to do things his father wouldn’t allow him to do however since it is a monarchy Scar is still trying to get his revenge on his brother for getting the throne he really wanted. 5.     Type:...
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