Disney Archetypes

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✨Disney Archetypes✨

1. Hercules
The Young Man from the Provinces
Hercules--His adoptive parents had no idea where he came from and they took him in as their own The Initiate
Hercules--He was trying to prove to his father that he was worthy of living on Mount Olympus Mentor
Philoctetes (Phil)--He teaches Hercules the ways of a God and how to fight off Hades' demons Friendly Beast
Pegasus--He is Hercules' partner, best friend; he is there when Hercules needs him The Devil Figure
Hades--He tries to take Hercules' powers by kidnapping him and having him drink every single drop of a potion, but fails; Hercules still had some super-human abilities (strength) The Temptress
Megara--Hercules falls in love with her, but he doesn't know she's secretly working for Hades; Hercules gives up his powers to save her life

2. The Lion King
Hunting Group of Companions
Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon--They are the best of friends; Pumbaa and Timon took Simba in when he was just a cub; they would do anything for each other The Devil Figure
Scar--He attempts to kill his nephew so he is next in line for king, but ends up killing his brother instead Death and Rebirth
Simba--Leaving and returning to Pride Rock
Rafiki--Simba goes to him to talk about his life; he's like Simba's counselor Battle Between Good and Evil
Scar and Mufasa--Scar is constantly trying to gain power and take over Pride Rock from his brother The Initiation
Simba--He begins to recognize Nala as a female and not just a friend

3. Camp Rock
Shane Grey--Lead singer of Connect 3; he has to teach dance class at the camp for a month Loyal Retainer
Caitlyn--She is there for Mitchie and warns her about Tess, but Mitchie doesn't listen The Fall
Mitchie and Caitlyn can't participate in Final Jam because Tess accuses them of stealing her charm bracelet and Brown finds it in the kitchen The Devil Figure
Tess--She doesn't want anyone to be better than her and she gets jealous of Mitchie when she sees her with Shane; Tess tells everyone Mitchie's secret The Outcast
Caitlyn--She was once part of Tess' group, but Tess got intimidated by her, so Caitlyn was "banished" from the group The Journey
Shane overheard Mitchie singing, but did not know who it was; Shane searched for the girl with "the voice" up until Final Jam; at Final Jam was when he found out it was Mitchie

4. Snow White
Light vs. Darkness
Night Time--Snow White thinks that every shadow she sees in the night in a monster trying to catch her Loyal Retainer
The magic mirror--Everyday the queen asks the mirror, "who's the fairest in the land?" And the mirror told her that Snow White was fairer than her; being jealous, the queen sends a huntsman to kill her, but he fails The Devil Figure

The queen--She wants to kill Snow White because the mirror told her Snow White was fairer than her The Damsel in Distress
Snow White--The queen is after her and has to be saved by a prince Death and Rebirth
Snow White--When she eats the poison apple, she goes into a dark/deep sleep, but then the prince kisses her and she wakes up The Hero
The prince--When he kisses Snow White, she wakes up

5. Cinderella
The Earthmother
The Fairy Godmother--She cheers up Cinderella, changes her raggedy dress, and turns a pumpkin into a carriage, so she can go to the ball. Mentor
The Fairy Godmother--She comforts Cinderella and makes her life better The Quest
The prince set off to find the owner of the glass slipper
The Platonic Ideal
The prince is in love with Cinderella, but does not know who she is The Unhealable Wound
Cinderella lost both parents and that is something that she will never forget about The Hero
The prince--He saves Cinderella from her evil stepmother by marrying her

6. Princess Protection Program
The Devil Figure
General Kane--The dictator of Costa Estrella, tries to take over Costa Luna and kidnap Rosalinda, and ends up holding her mother hostage The Devil Figure
Chelsea--The most...
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