Topics: Marriage, Wife, Family Pages: 3 (1332 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Literary criticism is defined as the attempt to explain a literary work through theory. Similar in the short story “A Question of Dowry” written by Siew Yue Killingly, there few theories that can be used to analysis the story. The most prominent literary criticism that can be used to explain the short story is feminism criticism and reader response. Feminism is can be defined as gender inequalities and strives for equal rights for woman. In the Indian society the women do not have any freedom and rights to decide their own future life partner. The families play a major role in choosing the bridegroom for their daughter. Moreover, arranged marriage is a tradition that have being followed strictly by the Indians. For example, Mr.Ramachandran and Mrs. Ramachandran choose a bridegroom name Thiruchelvam for their daughter Sivasothie. They did not ask her opinion about the bridegroom and said “‘Sivasothie, you are a very lucky girl. You’ll have a doctor for your husband”. Sivasothie agrees to the marriage because she has to follow whatever her family have decide for her life as she has no rights to voice out her opinion. This shows that young women in the Indian society do not have freedom to choose their own life partner and also to decide their own future life. Apart from that, young women in Indian society are also mistreated due to dowry. Dowry plays a major role in an Indian wedding. Dowry is a traditional practice where the father of the bride gives a part of his properties to his daughter and son in law as the gift of the wedding. This practice turn to be a cruel action because if the bride's family fail to give the dowry that demand by the bridegroom’s family, then the wedding will be cancel off. In some cases brides are tortured by their husband and in- laws after the marriage because the bride’s families failed to prepare the dowry that demanded by them. For example, Thiruchelvam cancelled the wedding when Mr.Ramachandran told him that he is not...
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