Domestic Violence Against Women

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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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Domestic violence against women is one of the most widespread violation human rights, this violation can be physical such as slapping, kicking, treats with an object or weapon, murder, it can also include the traditional practice harmful such as bride burning and genital mutilation, sexual such as forcing unwanted sexual acts or forcing sex with others, psychological includes refusal to contribute financially. Domestic violence is an abusive behavior that used at any relationship by one partner to maintain power and control over an intimate partner, which the women experience physical assault and rapes. Domestic violence against women can also be by other family members.

Domestic violence against women is an epidemic in our society with dramatic, negative effects on individuals, families and communities, it’s a social problem that occurs in every corner of the world, so many women are severely physically assaulted and thousand are killed, bride burning is one example of the harmful traditional violence against the women in India, and also they call it dowry death this practice occurs when a young women is murdered by her husband or his family because her family refused to pay additional dowry. Dowry is a long standing Hindu tradition, it’s a provision of money, gifts, gold, jewels, and it could be a house or a car, thus the wife is doused with flammable liquid and lit the fire leading her to death, because her husband or his family are unhappy with the size of dowry, so he can look for another dowry, for the groom and his family the dowry system is a fast and short way to get rich, because many families use the opportunity’s son marriage to realize their desires and wishes. So dowry is based on the concept that men own their wives, and the women can be viewed as an object. In India most of the marriages are arranges by families, thus the rate of the success is low because this marriage is based on people desire to have and own something cannot...
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