Limiting Amount of Homework

Topics: Extracurricular activity, High school, Curriculum Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Homework has traditionally been considered a reinforcement of what students learn throughout the school day and is often used as a tool to make sure students have fully understood the curriculum at hand. Excessive amounts of homework constantly put pressure on students and cause them to spend outrageous amounts of time taking away from their social lives, families, friends, and extra-curricular activities as well as sports. Excessive amounts of homework can also cause students to stay up till midnight or later. Along with that unhealthy habit, it often causes students to lose interests in the subject. Most students don’t even find time to finish all their homework, which causes cheating to happen as well as unnecessary anger towards teachers. The amount of homework a teacher provides should be restricted and only used based on necessity.

Excessive amounts of homework can cause a great deal of emotional damage to students. Many teachers that give overwhelming amounts of homework claim that it is in the students’ best interest and it’s preparing students for college. However college schools report that homework does not properly teach you how to study, saying that an average college student only has a couple of hours worth of classes every week and has many hours of daylight to study. Emotional damage can also come from when students have to much homework from too many classes and can’t seem to find to do all of it at once which causes serious side effects like a lack of sleep, or anxiety and depression, students without sleep tend to become violent and careless. Statistics show that overweight students have doubled in the past three decades. Homework has a slight influence on this as well. More homework ads up to more stress which just makes more students anxious that can cause them to eat more then necessary, especially when students don’t participate in after school or extra curricular activities. The students that are overweight face even more problems. They...
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