Limitations on One's Rights and Freedom of Speech

Topics: First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Freedom of speech, Freedom of thought Pages: 4 (1378 words) Published: April 7, 2012
Jasmine Lunsford
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Limitations on One's Rights and Freedom of Speech
How many times have you wanted to express your honest opinion about an issue that concerns you, but you held back because you know in doing so it would lead to unwanted consequences? Many people question the First Amendment due to the fact that some people take advantage of it and use it for the wrong reason. The First Amendment allows you to speak your mind and express any feelings that you might have towards groups, religions, thoughts, or ideas. James Madison once stated, “As long as the reason of man continues fallible, and he is at liberty to exercise it, different opinions will be formed”( However, with wrong intentions people use the First Amendment to lean on and bend the Bill of Rights as far as they can. The First Amendment should be relied on for the right reasons that consist of honesty and integrity. The First Amendment should not be relied on when we choose to not take responsibility for our own actions.

Over 200 years ago, the First Amendment along with the other nine were introduced by James Madison in order to keep the government from violating basic American civil liberties. According to the First Amendment, “The right to freedom of speech allows individuals to express themselves without interference or constraint by the government. The Supreme Court A for content-neutral legislation. The Supreme Court has also recognized that the government may prohibit some speech that may cause a breach of the peace or cause violence.” Most recently, after September 11th 2001 many take this amendment to the next level and question how free exactly is free speech?

Free speech should not be all free. In “Free-Speech Follies” written by Stanley Fish he states, “Self-censorship, in short, is not a crime or a moral failing; it is a responsibility” (203). I agree with Fish that there needs to be more responsibility...
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