Lifestyle Choices Essay

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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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The article “Lifestyle Choices” is a researched article that talks about the economy and how changes affect the people within it. The Starter research article contains informative information on daily lives about health care, in today’s modern society we go through various choices in life and different walks in situations weather it financial situations, family issues or even work related problems. This article shows how to outweigh the bad to good and exercise good habits to create a better lifestyle. This research goes back and covers the last thirty years dating back when technology was the grounds of being formed.

Something’s I enjoy about life is the fact that grounds for technology were being formed when I as a baby had no knowledge or use of it, such as the children(s) today. Social class determines your lifestyle form of living; it’s the group you belong to based upon your financial situations. This is one research that cannot be control or determined you can be an upper class person or a lower class person and sometime due to the luck of a draw it can flip anytime. That’s what I like about the topic “Assessing Class” because their no way unless you have no improvements to access another class.

What I learned from this article is that hasn’t shy away from any topics considering our lifestyle issues and situations. It clearly states the factors of social classes a great overview of information. This article very much fits into sociology as it apart of our daily lives which includes the study of human society and its origins, development, organizations, and institutions. The major findings come from the data or series of surveys that has been done over decades of study’s which mostly includes volunteers to complete most studies.

Lifestyle studies can be best examined through ethnicity our race, age, and suburban areas of residency and sexual preferences. This information was supported and document by Michael Sobel (1983) which he...
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