How Mantsios Proved Himself

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Adam Saldana
Dr. Carol Bernard
English 1301-102
20 March 2013
How Mantsios Proved Himself
In Gregory Mantsios’s essay, “Class in America” he discusses his point of view on social classes in America and the impact it has on people. Mantsios pulls information from a number of different sources. He looks at differences in wealth distribution. He discusses the health concerns. He then looks at educational success, and the correlation between social class and better economic success. He claims that, “we mistakenly hold a set of beliefs that obscure the reality of class differences and their impact on people’s lives.” (698). Gregory Mantsios succeeds at proving his claim because of the amount of evidence he presents.

Mantsios proved his claim that there are major differences in economic success. He says, “The wealthiest 1 percent of the American population holds 38 percent of the total national wealth. That is, they own well over one-third of all the consumer durables (such as houses, cars, and stereos) and financial assets (such as stocks, bonds, property, and savings accounts). The richest 20 percent of Americans hold 83 percent of the total household wealth in the country.” (700). He presents the fact that only 1 percent of the American population owns 38 percent of the nation’s wealth. He puts it in perspective by stating that they own over one-third of all of the consumer durables, such as houses and cars. He adds to that by stating the reality that 20 percent of the richest Americans own 83 percent of the total household wealth in the country. He describes how a vast of wealth in this county is owned by such a small percent. He states, “Approximately 12 percent of the American population – that is, nearly one of every eight people in this county – live below the official poverty line (calculated in 2001 at $9,214 for an individual and $17,960 for a family of four). Among the poor are over 2.3 million homeless, including nearly 1 million homeless...
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