Lifesaving Embedded System

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“Thousands of persons killed as a cause of earthquake”. The above words aren’t the headlines of the newspaper but daily news everyone come across whenever we go through a newspaper or watching over a TV news.

A person’s life is precious and meaningful to his loved ones.

We, as responsible Engineers felt a part of society to bring a system to avoid these mishaps. With the meteoric Embedded systems along with microprocessor our designed system in preventing deaths and providing safe guided measures.

A new revolutionary

microwave life detection system, which

is used to locate human beings buried

under earthquake rubble, has been

designed. This system operating at

certain frequency can remotely detect

the breathing and heartbeat signals of

human beings buried under earthquake

rubble. By proper processing of these

signals, the status of the person under

trap can be easily judged. The entire

process takes place within a few seconds

as the system is controlled by a

microprocessor (8085) or

microcontroller unit.

By advent of this system

the world death rate may decrease to

greater extent as large percentage of

death occur due to earthquake.


At present as we all know the need of

the hour is to find an effective method

for rescuing people buried under

earthquake rubble (or) collapsed

building. It has to be done before we

methods for searching and rescuing

victims buried (or) tapped under

earthquake rubble are not effective.

Taking all the factors in mind, a system,

which will be really effective to solve

the problem, has been designed.

[pic]The basic principle is that

when a microwave beam of certain

frequency [L (or) S band (or) UHF band]

is aimed at a portion of rubble (or)

collapsed building under which a person

has been trapped, the microwave beam

can penetrate through the rubble to

reach the person.

When the microwave

beam focuses the person, the reflected

wave from the person’s body will be

modulated (or) changed by his/her

movements, which include breathing and

heartbeat. Simultaneously, reflected waves are also received from the

collapsed structures.

So, if the reflected waves

from the immovable debris are

cancelled and the reflected wave

from the person’s body is properly

distinguished, the breathing and

heartbeat signals can be detected.

By proper processing of

these signals, the status of the person

under trap can be easily judged. Thus a

person under debris can be identified.


Major components of the circuit:

The microwave life detection system has four major components. They are

1. A microwave circuit that generates amplifies and distributes microwave signals to different microwave components. 2. A microwave controlled clutter cancellation system, which creates an optimal signal to cancel the clutter from the rubble. 3. A dual antenna system, which consists of two antennas, energized sequentially. 4. A laptop computer that controls the microprocessor and acts as the monitor for the output signal.


The frequency of the

microwave falls under two categories,

depending on the type and nature of the

collapsed building. They are :

1. L (or) S band frequency say 1150 MHz
2. UHF band frequency say 450 MHz


The circuit description is as follows:

Phase locked oscillator:

The phase locked

oscillator generates a very stable

electromagnetic wave say 1150 MHz

with output power say 400mW.

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