Life Stages and Interview Paper

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Life Stage Interviews and Report
November 15, 2012

Life Stage Interviews and Report
Aging is a part of life and each passing day means that we are one day closer to death. Talking about dying is uncomfortable for many people and many will ignore the conversation if brought up with their family and friends. The thought of dying is a scary idea and many will wonder what is going to happen to their family after they leave this earth. Many of the issues that an older individual face is to due to social, psychological and biological problems that accumulates over the course of their entire lives. Economic status, health status, social support and a level of education all play a major role in determining whether or not an individual ages successfully.

An aging individual that desires to keep themselves busy and wants something to occupy their time may find community activities to keep busy. Volunteering, finding a part time job, or activities may be ways that an elder individual can keep themselves busy. One might find activities at a local senior or community center may occupy their time. A senior center is a good place for older individuals to meet individuals their own age and many of them may have the same interests of the individual. According to Gail Mitchell, the president and founder of National Organization for Empowering Caregivers, encourages individuals to spend time at senior centers (Empowering Caregivers, 2009). Senior centers can become a social gathering and networking place for seniors who may be able to get out of their own. These centers may include daily activities, field trips, a meal, health awareness classes, opportunities to volunteer as well as legal and financial services. The Administration of Aging is a great resource for elderly individuals over the age of 60 (AOA, 2012). The Administration of Aging provides services and resources to elderly individuals as well as their families. Their program has programs for home and community based long-term care, as well and health, prevention, and wellness programs for aging adults. The Administration of Aging also provides resources to other organizations within the United States that provide services such as Legal Services, Faith Based programs, Minority Aging Organizations, Nutrition, and Research and Education (AOA, 2012).

Death is inevitable for all of us and with death many people experience anxiety and fear. Dying means the end of a life and many people chose not to discuss the fact that they are going to die. While someone knows that they are going to die, they may find it helpful to have supportive individuals around them to deal with the fact that they are going to pass away at some point. Death is a normal part of life and people may tend to shy away from talking about it or just avoid the conversation all together. Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt, a noted author, educator and practicing clinical hematologist encourages those who may be dying to accept that fact that they are dying and to do it in their own unique way (Hospice Net, 2012). When someone knows that they are going to die whether it is because of an illness or just being an older individual, one will have questions that they will need answered. One in encouraged to be proactive in their medical care and to tell others their wishes before they do pass away. Finding support to deal with death is also an important component to death. Reaching out to others is essential to anyone who knows that they are dying. The person has to know that they will die with a level of dignity and love and that their family will comply with their final wishes. After reading Sonia and Sheila’s interview on their people, I don’t think nothing change any misconceptions that I might have had prior to the interviews. I strongly believe in everything that was stated in the interviews. Sonia interview was about aging and death and how is it handled by people. Aging is a process that we all have to go...
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