Life Stages

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  • Published: March 28, 2011
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Life Stages

Team B

Jodie Burt, Karen Gutierrez,

Tracy Flathers, and Patrick Allen

March 25, 2011
Meredith Sharp
The meaning of LIFE is philosophical question concerning many people, it has been the study and the subject for many decades between researchers and scientist causing different beliefs and controversial opinions just to be theories. The meaning of LIFE goes from scientific to religious views and everyone's perspective views are different. Some of the things in LIFE that cannot be hidden is the aging process, and it is very unexplainable of why people age, it is just the process of LIFE. Depending on the individuals belief of whether God created LIFE or believe LIFE was created through the Big Band theory. It does not matter, which theory because the aging of the human body will happen and death is at the end of the LIFE process. Everyone must face the stages of LIFE. The first stage is the birth as little babies, next is the adolescence stage, and the young adults’ stage, after that everyone considers mature adults, and finally there are the elders, seniors or the last stage of LIFE before death. Our bodies change throughout LIFE as children the skin is smooth and soft, and the skin starts to develop acne and wrinkle, and the hair turns white in the different stages of LIFE.

Life Stages
We have family members or friends who we meet when we are children and see as our adults. We see them age throughout life, but many of us are caught up in life that we do not pay attention to the obstacles they go through or think about what or where we will be when we are seniors. Sometimes we just need a few minutes in our lives to sit down and interview our elders whether it is grandmother, grandfather, our parents, or someone we know. This is to discover what they know about life, and sit and think about where we will be when we get to our last stage of life, and we wonder how it will be for us. Two of the team...
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