Sdlc Final Project

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  • Published: April 27, 2012
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SDLC Final Project
Team B Barbara Stump, Shrliane Manuel,
Stacie Carrington and Denise Lopez-Malave
April 02, 2012
Dr. Todd Feuerherm

Statement of Scope and goals
Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is trying to implement a new patient management system in order to service the patient with as pleasant an experience as possible. The Scope- Being able to develop the patient management system to track patient check-in, appointments, and surgery. Benefits- The benefit would be less of a risk and cost efficiency. Cost- the cost will include the process in data materials and supplies. Constraints- Address any problems that may affect the project through the implementation process. Risk- Identify any risk that may occur during or after the project. The Goals of the Project – The goal will be to create documentations for the development of a patient management system. The system should be designed for all patients to be documented confidentially, wait time for procedures should be limited or punctual, and patients should be checked on for security reasons. Supporting Measures for Success

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital needs more unified patient experience and seeks an evaluation for the development of a patient management system to track patient check-ins, appointments, and surgeries. Physical measures are to determine the virtual degree of success, which includes improved reduced wait times, and improved patient satisfaction scores. The RPMS system is a selection of hardware, software, telecommunications components that are designed to work together or independently depending on the specific need (Resource and patient management system, n.d.). The RPMS system not only works within its own resources it also has the capabilities of linking with other software programs to enhance the users experience. The patient management system will benefit the health care providers by allowing them access to all facets of the patient’s current and upcoming visits....
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