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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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Brycen Knox
Persuasive Speech
Title: Lack of Life Skills
Rhetorical Purpose:A speech to persuade.
Specific Purpose:A speech to persuade the audience why certain life skills are
necessary and should be taught to younger generations.
Organizational Pattern:Claim Pattern.
Thesis:Certain life skills are needed in order for young kids to become a
successful member of society.

Introduction:Is technology a good thing or a bad thing? Everything in our world now days is so technologically advanced that a lot of people have trouble using everyday items. Young kids are growing up in a time where every person is on a social network, is constantly on their cell phone, or is on a computer multiple hours a day. Many children or young people are guilty of this and their parents are to blame. It leaves kids socially inept, unable to critically think for themselves, and many other things that they will need in their future. Certain life skills are needed in order for young kids to become a successful member of society. Body:

I.According to author Laura Clark, more than one out of every ten children lack the basic social skills needed to function in school.
A. Children are becoming addicted to technological devices (i.e. computers, television sets, and games).
1. Although outside exposure is essential in developing life skills, children would rather stay inside playing video games.
2. Parents are at fault and should urge kids to play with friends.
B. As a result of poor parental disciplinary actions, children do not gain the right type of knowledge that is essential in shaping one’s morality
1. Parents should regulate the amount of time spent with technological devices.
2. Children should try and get involved and go outside to play an hour a day.

II.Social networks are causing kids to become addicted.
A. This leaves many socially inept and unable to function socially. 1. When these children grow older, they have a...
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