Life of a Corrections Officer

Topics: Penology, Corrections officer, Prison Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Life for a Corrections Officer
Elizabeth Austin
CRJ303: Corrections
Instructor:  Tracy Crump
January 7, 2012

Being a correction officer is not an easy job. Each and every correction officer has a daily routine, stress, danger, and has to learn to gain compliance of every inmate. Every day in a prison working with inmates can be a challenge; some days may seem easier than other days. There is a daily routine and schedule that each correction officer has to come to terms with. The tasks could be working in the yard to supervising inmates on the work crew. The jobs vary with each officer. But no matter which job, each one is or can be very stressful when it comes to maintaining and keeping inmates in order. Each job can be very stressful, but it is up to the correction officer to take disciplinary actions in a mannerly way. A correction officer has a job everyday to “maintain control and order within a prison” (Seiter, 2011, p.390). Every day each inmate has to be under supervision at all times and each correction officer makes sure that security is maintained properly. Each and every correction officer has an assigned job they have to perform. There are usually seven categories’ that a correction officer can be assigned to. These categories include living units, work detail supervisors, industrial shop and school officers, yard officers, administration building assignments, perimeter security and relief officers. “Each Specific assignment has post orders, a detailed description of the activities that are required to be performed throughout the day, often includes the time they are to occur”(Seiter,2011,p.391). Post orders is to tell the correction officer how to do each specific assignment. Each assignment that is performed has a time schedule. The correction officer also has to report a detailed report on the assignment.       Every minute, of every day while the correction officer is on duty, it very crucial. For instance, one minute an officer may be...
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