History of Corrections: from Then to Now

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  • Published: August 31, 2013
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History of Corrections:
From Then to Now
Kris L. Sullivan
Colorado Technical University Online

A Paper Presented in Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements of
Corrections Solutions
January 14, 2008

The U.S. corrections system, a subdivision of the criminal justice system, continues to undergo change. From its beginnings as laws written in stone, the corrections system has sought to punish offenders. The origin of the corrections system dates back several thousand years and has witnessed various perspectives and goals. The best method of administering punishment to these prisoners has remained an issue of dispute for many years. Events through history, such as the first penitentiary and the Declaration of Principles, have continued to reshape the corrections division. Debate continues regarding goals such as retribution and incrimination. Additionally, the rise of privately owned prisons has added to the systems structure. Prisoners’ rights mold the individual levels and allow for more freedom within the minimum security as opposed to the maximum security. As technology advances and times change, U.S. corrections policy will continue to change with the current trends of the time.

Good afternoon and welcome to today’s conference on correctional policy. Many are aware, that as part of a grander scheme, corrections has become an imperative part of the criminal justice system. In a general definition, the corrections department fulfills the purpose of providing punishment to convicted criminals. The corrections subdivision breaks down in to several components including juvenile detention, probation and parole, adult prison, probation and parole, as well as adult jails and county workhouses. Although the general purpose remains the same, perspectives regarding how to punish criminals changes. The prevalent...
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