Life of Pi Survival

Topics: Yann Martel, Religion, Ocean Pages: 4 (1533 words) Published: October 16, 2010
Pi's survival can be put down to one simple thing, his trust in god. Discuss.

Canadian author Yann Martel portrays Pi as such a strong-minded human being in his novel ‘Life of Pi’, the story shows that Pi’s hunger to survive gets him through the whole ordeal of being stranded at sea. But one can argue that his trust in God; that is, his beliefs and spirituality for three religions (Hinduism, Islam & Christianity) isn’t the only thing that helps him whilst he trapped at sea. His youth in Pondicherry is what prepares Pi for survival at sea in many ways; he tends to become reliant with the prior knowledge he has received in his earlier stages of life, this is what brings about his personal qualities. Pi also learns diverse skills whilst he is at sea that he doesn’t think he had the ability to do with the help the resources he finds on the lifeboat. Pi’s imagination is one of a kind, he creates another story for his mental capacity to survive, and this is what how Richard Parker comes about, that is, the creation or existence of Richard Parker helps Pi deal with his greatest fear, that of death It seems that, one constant in a world of variables is Pi’s trust in God whilst he stranded at sea alone. Though Pi was born a Hindu, his father “did not have a religious bone in his body (p.65)”, though luckily it was an aunt of his that introduced him to the religion; “I feel at home in a Hindu temple (p.48)” hence, to love Hinduism. The following of Christianity and Islam that followed were followed on much later in his life were all of Pi’s decisions. The reason for Pi following the three religions was that he just wanted to love God, his ultimate belief in God, is what kept him going in his survival at sea. Pi knew that God would always be there with him, his belief and trust was reaffirmed, his faith in God helped him. One night whilst at sea Pi noticed ‘..between on throe of agony and the next-that my suffering was taking place in a grand setting, I saw my...
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