Life Is a Journey

Topics: Philippines, Manila, Benigno Aquino, Jr. Pages: 3 (1154 words) Published: May 2, 2011
Life is a journey. In reflection to this, I see myself as a traveler in this world of ours. My journey started from the day that I was born up to this date. I existed in this world for 16 years already. In my sixteenth year in earth, it is the time when I have to decide what course I should take and what school to spend my college life with. Finally, I reached into a conclusion that I will take up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in San Beda College-Manila. At present, I am in the second semester of my first year in San Beda. To be honest, my parents were able to send me in this school because of the scholarship that was granted to me for being a high school valedictorian in my former alma mater, Puerto Galera Academy.

Indeed our life is a never-ending learning process. We learn from our day to day activities, such as reading, watching, observing and listening among others. We also learn from the person we encounter everyday like our parents, schoolmates, classmates, professors, neighbors, teachers and friends. In short, our life is a learning process. In relation to what had been said earlier that life is a learning process, I have learned many things in life. I had a lot of learning, realizations and reflections but I will limit my sharing on the first year of my stay here in San Beda. In my first year as a red lion, there are numerous number of things that I have learned, reflected and realized in life. First of all, I learned how to adapt from a rural area (Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro) into an urban place like here in Manila. Being independent and being a decision maker for me are included here. I learned that I am in the full control of my life and I am responsible for what I will become in the future. I realized that being a kind, jolly, polite, humble and a friendly person can help to accumulate and gain friends. Being as such helped me to interact with my fellow bedans, classmates, neighbors and professors. Secondly, San Beda College being a...
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