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Topics: Pleistocene, Woolly mammoth, Holocene Pages: 3 (820 words) Published: March 20, 2013
The Woolly Mammoth, or scientifically known as the Mammuthus Primigenius, are ancient mammals of the elephant family. Most of the Mammuthus Primigenius population was in North America. The remains of the Mammuthus’ have also been found in the northern parts of Asia, Africa and Europe. The first Mammoths roamed the earth in the Pliocene epoch and until the end of the Pleistocene epoch; which was also categorized as the Cenozoic era and Tertiary period. The last of the large woolly mammoths started dying out about 10,000 years ago. Some of the remains of the Mammuthus Primigenius’ serve as index fossils in determining the geologic age of Anthropogene continental deposits. Mammoth tusks found in permafrost layers are used for making art objects. The mammals were first recorded in the last Eurasian glacier deposits of the second to the last Ice Age, approximately 150,000 years ago. Although Mammuthus Primigenius’ were large mammals, they were herbivores. They ate things like willows, firs, alder leaves, and the leaves from bushes. The mammoths used their tusks to clear snow from the ground so they could get to their food. Wear patterns on the ends of the tusks explained that the tusks were used to push away ice and snow, in order to find food to eat that had been covered by snow. The large mammals had thick, long hair to keep warm and even its trunks were covered in hair. The longest hairs grew on the tail and forelegs. The main use of the thick coat was to maintain body heat. Without the thick coat the mammoths will not have protection from the harsh climates and bitter snow. Although the mammoth was similar to the present day elephants, they also had many variations. The sizes of the ears were smaller compared to modern day elephants so it would reduce the area from which heat could escape the body. The tusks of the woolly mammoth were also a lot bigger and more dense than elephants of today. The larger tusks were used by the mammoth to help them push away trees,...
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