Life Is All About Learning New Things

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Period Styles

Roman Architecture:
Roman Architecture has, since the Renaissance, had a more or less definite connotation: of compelling grandeur, planned order, fitness to the human eye and to the human situation. It stands today as a testament to the ability and grandeur of this once great civilization that, at one time, covered three continents. The common style of architecture formed a thread that helped keep the vast Roman Empire connected. The elements of which show very significant Greek influence, however their functional needs differed resulting in interesting innovations. the evolution of complex geometries, advances in constructional techniques of the arcuated type (including domes and vaults) using a type of concrete, and the development of engineering (roads, aqueducts, bridges, heating, etc.), it inspired Early Christian, Byzantine, Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque, and Neo-Classical designs. Their great theaters and amphitheaters were wonders that could seat thousands of people and are still impressive, both in size and volume, today.

Characteristics of Roman Architecture:
A characteristic feature of Roman style is the combined use of arcuated and trabeated construction (employing arches and constructed with post and lintel). Although at first tentatively employed in the spaces between the classical columns, the arch eventually came to be the chief structural element. Flanking columns, usually engaged and superimposed (partly embedded into a wall and laid over it), served merely as buttresses or for decoration. Arches: Although Romans didn’t invent the arch, they applied it most extensively and most successfully to various works of utility and made it a universal feature in civil buildings. True arches were known by a number of older civilizations but were mainly confined to building underground structures like drains to reduce the problem of lateral thrust. The Romans refined the art of the arch,...
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