Life Changes Since the 1960s

Topics: Social movement, Anarchism, United States Pages: 5 (2030 words) Published: September 22, 2012
SS 310: Exploring the 1960s
Unit 9 Final Project
August 29, 2012

Life has changed drastically since the 1960’s, due to the movements that took place during this time. Had it not been for some of these movements my life would be completely different today. In the late 1960’s women fought to be able to enter the work force. Had these women not fought for the right to work, I would be sitting at home taking care of the children. Being able to go to work allows me to be able to help support my family, and feel like I am more than just a housewife. It is nice to know that I contribute financially to helping take care of the family. This movement has changed more than me just being able to go to work. I believe that it has also changed the role of the husband at home. Before this movement the men went to work and women did all the house work. However, that is not true in my life. My husband and I both work, so we both help take care of the house. Of course, I still do most of the work around the house, but my husband helps out. My husband will cook dinner, do the dishes, and clean the floors. Although this may not seem like a lot, it is a really big help to me. I still know some men who will not do any house work, and believe that it is up to the woman. However, since the gender movement more and more men are starting to see things differently. It has changed so much that even some men stay at home while the woman goes to work. This was true for me and my husband, when he lost his job at the beginning of the recession. He had a hard time finding another job, so I got a job and supported us until he was able to find another job. My husband staying at home also helped him see how much work I actually did around the house. He told me that he appreciated all that I did, and he did not know how I did it all. This is when he really started helping me around the house. I think he finally saw that it was not as easy as he thought. But if it was not for this movement we would have never been able to switch roles and experience what the other did. This helped us both gain a great appreciation for each other and what we contributed to the family.

Another event that changed my personal life was the Civil Rights movement. I am not an African-American, but several of my friends are. If this movement would have never happened I would have not of had the luxury of going to school or working with some really great people, because segregation may still exist. Being able to attend the same school and work together allowed us to get to know each other and become really great friends. Some of these men and women have been my friend since I was in elementary school, and they have been life-long friends. This movement has affected my personal life, because it has taught me to see a person for who they are and not what they look like. Without this movement and the pass of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, I would have never had the chance to meet these wonderful men and women.

There are so many things that happen that are life changing. One of the things that has changed my personal life, is the way people study and see our culture. One way our culture is looked at is called materialism. This is “a perspective in anthropology that focuses on the impact of how people make their living in their specific environmental setting on culture” (Harrison/Dye, pg. 47). This theory talks about how we relate to our social and natural environment by acquiring materials that are essential for shaping relationships between each other (pg. 47). Materialism has become a big part of American culture, and you are judged more by what you have than who you are. It is all about having the nicest house, car, clothes and other items. If you don’t have any of these you considered poor. This has clearly affected my personal life, because I am not from a lot of money. So, when people see me they are not really seeing me, they are seeing how much money I don’t make. This has...
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