Life in the 1950s or 2000s

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Bullying Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Life in the 1950s or 2000sMonday, Febuary 11 2013
By: Lexie Barnes

Would I rather live in America in the 1950s or America in the 2000s? I would most definatly live in America in the 1950s because there was no internet to cause drama, cyberbulling etc. It was a lot less expensive for everything then America in the 2000s and also kids were not as messed up as they have became in the 2000s. Firstly, now in the 2000s we have internet, yes it is benificial in some ways because you can find literally anything on it. So it is benifical in relation to school. As you probably know almost everyone in America in the 2000s has a cell phone. I had one in grade 5. You can’t hear someone’s tone of voice over text message, people mistake eachother and it starts drama. Facebook, twitter, cell phones ALL cause drama. People tend to grow a back bone over socially networking websites or text message, it is 10x easier to bully someone over text than it is to bully them to their faces. It is horrible, I personally have all 3 but everyone does. We rely on it. In the 1950s there was none of these social sites, people actually had to communicate to one another face to face. There was no cyber bullying. “Sexting” ALL of this nonsense has caused people to comit suicide. So the suicide rights would forsure be lower then in the 2000s, and there was a lot less drama

Secondly, in the 1950s, everything was a lot cheaper then it was now. More then 80% of men had jobs. Now-a-days only 65% of men have jobs. Since everything was cheaper, and more men had jobs that means that there was forsure a lot less stress about money than there is now. Since more money was made and everything was less expensive, there was a lot less debt than there is now, one of the reason being because of credit cards and loans. Stress, money issues, debt are major issues in marrigages obviously therefore in the 2000s there is way more divorces than there was in the 1950s. Everyone was happier....
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