Life as a Gangster

Topics: Rhetoric, Audience, Audience theory Pages: 6 (1104 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Seneca College
EAC 149

Assignment #6:Oral Presentation

Presentation Dates:November 27th, 29th, December 4th, 6th, 2012


Task: A Take-home Essay-Presentation

In preparation for developing the topic, based on the given Quote, you should come to a greater understanding of why some issues are possible in our lives, and support your points of view with specific examples; the media and the Internet.

➢ Each student is responsible for composing a critical essay on the given topic and preparing an outline for the audience. ➢ Each student presents verbally a critical essay on the selected topic to the class. ➢ Each presentation is based on the rhetorical modes from The Canadian Writer’s World. Paragraphs and Essays. By Lynne Gaetz, Suneeti Phadke, Rhonda Sandberg that we have or have not discussed in class. ➢ Each presentation must be manageable within the time span of 15 minutes.

➢ Read the quote carefully and reflect on it; brainstorm the ideas; analyze the rhetorical mode this quote refers to, in order to help yourself in your own development of the topic. ➢ Create your well-organized, logically-unified and critically-supported composition. ➢ Organize your essay-presentation of approx. 500-words in the form of a thesis to be clearly stated and developed, specific examples to be appropriate and clearly theorized; conclusion to be clearly controlled; flowing together, with good transitions; succinct but not choppy, well-organized. ➢ Prepare your presentation very well in order to enhance the appeal and effectiveness of your talk; with good posture and eye contact; enthusiasm, and confidence. ➢ Present information on the topic in logical sequence; clear articulation; proper volume; steady rate. ➢ Wrap up your presentation with (a) provocative question(s) to encourage the audience interest for making your argument impressive and interactive. EAC149 Oral Presentations, November 27th, 29th, December 4th, 6th, 2012 Value – 5%, based on the textbook: The Canadian Writer’s World. Paragraphs and Essays by L. Gaetz, S. Phadke, R. Sandberg

|Wk |Date |Patterns of Essay Development |Names of Students | |13 |Nov 27 | | | | |2012 | | | | | |Reflect on M. Atwood’s quotation. Is everything done on purpose in our life? Why or |1. ANTHONY, KITO | | | |why not? Explain your argument. p.59 | | | | |Reflect on N. Mandela’s quotation. Do we need to create difficulties to overcome in |2. DAVIS, JAVEL | | | |our life? Why or why not? Explain your argument. p. 209 | | | | |Reflect on D. Lessing’s quotation. Is enthusiasm a necessary attribute in our life? |3. BARILLARI, AMANDA | | | |Why or why not? Explain your argument. p. 218 | | |13 |Nov 29 |Reflect on L. Yutang’s quotation. Do we, human beings, need to be always busy? Why or |4. GUSAIN, LUCKVINDER | | |2012 |why not? Explain your argument. p. 223 | | | | |Reflect on D. Hartog’s quotation. Is it necessary to see a bit farther than your nose?|5. FADAEI HOSSEINI, MEHRSHAD | | | |Why or why not? Explain your argument. p. 227...
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