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Andrew Carnegie was a man with a strong outlook on how the wealthy should utilize their abundant amounts of cash. Although there were many other ways to dispose of the surplus of cash from the wealthy he favored mainly one. He believed that if the wealthy people in America would spend money through out their life on not only themselves but to also help the communities and charities, that they would become more respected through their life and also help America’s economy stay strong There were also a few different ways that people choose to pass on their money, one of which the wealthy would leave the surplus of money, once they deceased, to a loved one through a will. Carnegie’s outlook on this was not agreeable mainly because he believed that the person that would inherit the money would utilize it in the wrong ways and would not be grateful for what their loved one that left it to them did to gain it in the first place. Another way the wealthy would pass on their money would be to leave it to a charity after the passed away. Once again Carnegie did not agree to this method as well. He believed that it was a better way to pass on the surplus of cash, but not the best. He believed that the person that donated the money after they passed should have been donating the money all through out their life, and by not doing so makes it seem like he wanted to be buried with it. Carnegie believed his method of utilizing the wealth through out life was the better path, because not only would the rich man be helping the community through out their lives but also once they pass away. The rich man would also become very respected and popular while utilizing Carnegie’s method, and in the end very famous usually leading to some sort of monument.
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