Life and Real Life: Past, Present and Future

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  • Published : August 24, 2012
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Life and Real Life : Past, Present and Future
Waseem Akram Malla B.V.Sc. & A.H. 3rd Year VB-2009-903 When asked about what life is, you might simply answer that life is the time spanning from the moment of one’s birth to the moment of his/her death, including one’s yesterday (past), today (present) and tomorrow (future). But for me, life isn’t the way you think. The real life is the present moment, the moment you’re living in. Whatever you do this moment is your life. While you sleep, your life is the sleep; while you work, your work is your life. Neither your past nor your future has the meaning of your real life, but the present has. The past is now dead buried deep under the sands of time and the future is yet to be delivered from the womb of time, but you hold your present: it is there – born and alive. The past has been cremated and the future may be delivered dead. You can’t rewind the clock to go to your past and nobody has yet succeeded to secure the possession of the future. You have faced the deprivation of your past and the future has uncertainty looming over it. The two don’t belong to you: past – not anymore, and future – not yet. They never were yours, they never will be. What you’ve is your present. It is living and itself is the real life. You’ve possession of it and you’re about it. It belongs to you. You can manipulate it the way you want, and in the long run, it is your life that you’ve manipulated. You can’t jump backwards or forwards in time, but you can live the present moment. However the past didn’t die giving nothing. It gave you some lessons which constitute your experience and are the lessons of life. Similarly, your future comes not empty-handed. It harbors your dreams- the dreams of your destiny and a hope of their realization. The life you live at the present needs both _ your past lessons and the future dreams, but the present holds the promises – the promises that your lessons will lead you to the realization of your destiny. The...
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