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University Library Research
Kimberly Williams
University of Phoenix

University Library Research
Article 1
Keywords: Effective personal goal settings
the author is Tom Hewitt
This article was published August 11, 2005
I found that there was no Peer reviewed in this article.
The Database that I used to find this article was Gale Power This article was about how the author Tom Hewitt gave the people some good tips on how to get some personal success in there lives. These tips are very help to ones goals. The tips that he was giving us to use was how to set and understand the ways of our goals. He said to make sure that your mind is set that this was one of the main things. He also said that you need to have a decent appearance and have a proper mind set for your goals that all of these steps if followed correctly will help you to achieve them.

Article 2
Achieving Personal Goals
Keywords: Reaching one’s Personal Goals
The Author is Richard Koestler
This article was published February 2008
I have found that it was Peer Reviewed
The Database that was used is EBSCO Host
This article is about reviews that were researched on motivations factors. The factors that were given were about making peoples personal goals more effective. It also talked about autonomous motivation goals. The author said that these type of goals if use right will be very effective and that they will be more effective than any other goal that are used. I found after reading this article that these goals will be very helpful in our career if they are followed right. The author is really trying to help them.
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