Library Automated System

Topics: Microsoft Office, Visual Basic for Applications, Microsoft Access Pages: 6 (1234 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Republic of the Philippines
Information Technology Department
San Jose, Occidental Mindoro


A System Analysis and Design Project

Presented to the
Faculty of Information Technology Department
Main Campus

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements of the Subject -
System Analysis and Design

Cyrus Austria
Charmaine De Guzman
Jetro Pecoro

January 2013


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) was established in 1996 at Occidental Mindoro State College Main Campus, San Jose Occidental Mindoro. A four- year course established to produce and develop experts and eligible persons in computer literacy as an agent of change to our environment.

Most colleges and universities nowadays display the use of Library Systems as for keeping the records of the books in an inventory and usually done in spreadsheet application such as MS Excel. Besides, it scopes in on adding up a record of the books and updating the other details if possible using some modifications in their database.

Other than that, the time frame of every transaction inside the library is also considered thereof. If possible, it could be definitely better to done it in an automated way rather than a manual one. Aside from shortening the time gaps in the work done, it can be an ease for the librarian to handle every process efficiently and effortlessly. One more thing, the fact that inquiring a book for lending it overnight and searching it in the records’ database by filtering is more beneficial to be included.

Regards to this circumstances, a reason why we put and make a project study out of this prevailing and existing problems in order to organize and systematize it into a better and efficient system.


The Automated Library System for the College Library of Occidental Mindoro State College- Main Campus is a proposed system wherein it dealing with the updating, adding, deleting and inserting records of the books. It is also used in inquiring, or searching for the books and other materials inside the library. For lending the books, the name of the students/ teachers will get and account to show the list who borrows the books. There’s situation where the students/teachers cannot borrow the books if there’s a violation. There’s a condition when the borrower did not return the books at the expected time, the system automatically gives him a mark that will show that he has a penalty and given an offense. In addition to this, the system will record it. Rather than the context above, it can produce summary reports.


The purpose of the study is to create a better and organized system wherein it can be used by the College Library in their transactions inside their vicinity. Indeed, the system can be used in creating a record of books and store it in the records’ database and can be retrieve and recover for some other possible modifications in the details of the book being recorded. In addition, the system itself can be utilized as an inquiry system in purpose of searching and inquiring a book or other references to be borrow by the user. Besides, it can employ the other processes done by the librarian or the student aide like making a record for lending a book for photocopy or for research.


The objectives of the study is to create and develop a computerized or automated system for the College Library of Occidental Mindoro State College – Main Campus

* To lessen the time frame of every work/ transactions inside the library * To make an automated system from the manual way
* To maintain a good inventory of books/ other references inside the library * To avoid list all the lender of the books and their accounts of accessing...
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