Liberal Feminist Theory

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Assignment 2: Key Term: Liberal Feminist Theory
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Liberal Feminist Theory

The United states had been said to be free and equal, however rights around the 1960's were not so equally dived. Women had been treated unfairly compared to men, and they have grown tired of the situation. There was a lot of movements going around, and they developed theories and definitions of how women should be treated. Women were going to work restless until having same rights as men. Not only women were trying to help themselves, but there were some men who supported women.

The Liberal Feminist Theory, it focuses more on the equality of rights in the workforce, education and political rights. This theory is also known as the egalitarianism feminism. Women believed that their rights should be equalized with those of men. They argued that all people were created equally and that women were as essential as men. They were willing to fight for what they believed, no matter what it took.

This theory didn't rise until the 1960's, when the civil right movement was going on. It gave women a boost in confidence to come out and fight for their rights. Many people especially men were upset with the uprising of the liberal feminist movement. They were afraid that if more women got the strength , they would overpower men. Indeed, their fright shouldn't be left alone, women were now stronger than ever, and they were committed to pursuit their "freedom".

The Liberal Feminist theory has been very criticized. Critics argued that the difference between men and women was very much obvious. They stated that it had been scientifically proven and that women were indeed the weaker "species". However women argued back, explaining that they lacked the opportunity to prove themselves. They didn't have any type of rights, so how could they prove...
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