Li Ka-Shing

Topics: Hong Kong, Merchant, Management Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Luck is the last

Li Ka-Shing, is the man who was to “the most influential figures of Hong Kong” in 1981, who achieved the Commander of British Empire from the Queen in 1989 and who was the top ten world’s richest people of <<Forbes>> in 1999. From nothing to the richest man of Asia, Li’s experiences of his life become a legend in the business area. As one of the successful businessman of world, Li always believes in these three most important qualities.

Firstly, Li is good at communication skill. People said that, a good salesman cannot be made, but born. Li is born to sell. Here is a true story. When Li was a salesman, he was selling the Cleaning Sprinkler one day. At the beginning, he found the manager of several restaurants and made his speech, but none of them show a little interest in his product. He thinks about it, why? Suddenly, an idea comes out in his mind. Li pretended the customer, found a chance to talk to the worker, cleaners, in the restaurants. He shows them how convenient to clean the tables and floor with the Sprinkler. The workers were convinced by his speech and recommend his product to their managers. He makes it. Li have recognized that the managers would not care about how to clean the tables and floor, and he believes his stuff much more than the salesman who he doesn’t know. That’s one kind of what we call “You Orientation” today to the managers. With this communication skill, Li became the Top salesman of his company, and the number of his year-end sales is 7 times as the second one.

Not only his communication skill, but also his honesty impress everyone when people talking about Li. There are many people thought that, business is never without tricking. However, there is a conclusion when people come to Li, Li win his wealth by his honesty. Once, Li’s plastic company was about to close down. The last deal with a foreign merchant is critical to Li’s career, live or die. However, the merchant did not satisfy about...
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