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LGBT History February 13, 2013

Emic Idenitity V. Etic identity

Emic - How you perceive yourself.

Etic - Is the external pressures, how does others see us.

We as humans sort of live between the two.

The British Colonials

The first BC that are coming here are the Roanoke. They quickly disappeared. Probably killed by Indians.

More well know BC was Jamestown VA 1607 (Pocahontas and John Smith) Plymouth Rock, MA 1620 (Naragnaset)

Non Calvinist colonies - Follow the buggery statues which means no anal sex, He based this on Leviticus. Term Buggery comes from the French term Bougne-Bogomils.

What the Bogomils do? Became the term Buggery.

Sodomy, any non pro-creative sex. Rooted from Sodom and Gomorrah story.

In the Calvinist colonies (New England) Leviticus inspired laws.

Rhode Island was the only state that did not have a death penalty for same sex activity.

Pennsylvania was governed by Quakers and they did not believe in telling me how to interpret the bible. They are also Pacifist. They also have the only laws in the 1600's about tolerance (Review this on Wiki)

Pennsylvania is the only state in the colony which has no laws agains homosexuality.

In 1629 A Reverend Francis Higgenson sailing across the sea reports that five beastly sodomitcal boys were caught on the ship.

In 1642 Mary Kay Elizabeth Johnson
Whipped and fined.

In 1649 Mary Hammon at age 15 had sex with Sarah Norman.

John Knight executed and hung in 1655.
He was put to death because he was sexually abusing a child.
Nothing happened to the boys, the matter was dropped, no one knows why they were not punished or reported on.

Why the discrepancy?

The discrepancy...

-It's a sin, but?
-We need the bodies.
-Friends and neighbors.

Nicholas Sension, 1677 - Windsor, Connecticut

Nicholas was convicted on trial for sodomy. He was accused by his servant Nicholas Pond.

He was not charged as they did not have two witnesses which was needed. But because of his prior record. So they put him acstension. (Get that spelling and meaning) which means holding your land against you.

The servant, Pond was told to go by Sension, and he refused to go. He did not want to leave he just wanted him to stop him touching him.

Up to 1740 no cases, Why?

The Enlightenment 1700-1780

- The concerns about sodomy were much less important in intellectual circles. This IC group from Europe was called the enlightenment and now in New England they believed in using human reasoning and to question traditional authority both politically and religiously.

When it comes to the church, there is great concern about what is going on,

Deism, what is deism they believe in god without religion.

These men were famous Deism.
Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton.

In big cities in Boston and NY there were many places for gays to meet parks, and places offering anonymity.

Bigger Fish to Fry:

- French & Indian War 1756 to 63
- New Oppressive laws.
- The American Rev. 1776 - 1783 (Colonies meet to say "what are we going to do about England" we do not want you here any more we want to be our own state without you.

Breaking away from the Mother Colony. We go to war.


Privateer Period: 1500 - 1650

Full of wonderful explorers. They were endorsed by the Queen to get things to fill the Queens coffers.

They had the royal permission to plunder others for things and dressed in very elaborate garbs.

They were in Hispaniola. They wanted sweet sugar and also lots of tobacco. Hispaniola was also know for its chocolate.

Chocolate houses were the big thing where many people hung out and chatted politics.

So you have plantations growing these crops.

Gold., Woven Tapestries. El Dorado's gold did exist.


The Buccaneer Period 1650 - 1688

Some were disenfranchised Spanish or folks from the new...
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