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Topics: Ziaur Rahman, Khaleda Zia, Bangladesh Pages: 2 (318 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Social Change
The word "social" refers only to society as "a system of common life", but in another sense it contrasts specifically with "individual" and individualist theories of society. In an elaborate sense, it means the lifestyle, the feelings about the surroundings of a group of people and as well as their acceptance to the conditions of life (social behavior). So, social change is called the changes in the social conditions and social behavior. Day by day the people of societies being change due to the communication process. No social life is possible without such communications or interactions. This is why communication is basic to change social life. My assigned area was “Char Para & Dakkhin Para”, which is situated in the village of “Dakkhin Maria” of “Bogra” district and in this report I try to contains data to respond those issues of interactions based on change map or time/trend line graph. Five Positive and Negative changes after liberation war are given below. Postitive Changes| Negative Changes|

* Peoples are much more conscious about their rights, Health.| * Village crops land is decreased .| * Village roads are developed| * Population increased.| * Sanitation problem is solving| * Prices of goods are increasing| * Villages are electrifying| * For politics villagers are conducted with crime| * Villagers can work at town,capital such as in garments.| * Peoples are not educated after a certain level|

Social Change Process
From the work of Time Line analysis, we divided the whole time frame into eight different time periods. The eight different periods are: * Post liberation Period
* Shekh Mujib Period (1972-1975)
* Ziaur Rahman Period (1976-1979)
* Ershad Period (1981-1990)
* Khaleda Zia’s First Period (1991-1995)
* Shekh Hasina’s Period (1996-2001) and
* Khaleda Zia’s Second Period (2001-2006)
* Shekh Hasina’s Period ( 2006 - present)
We collected...
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