Education and Social Change

Topics: Erikson's stages of psychosocial development, Sociology, Erik Erikson Pages: 3 (644 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Education and Social Change

Education in Technical Sense.
Is the process by which society; through schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions, deliberately transmits its cultural heritage – its accumulated knowledge, values, and skills – from one generation to another. Social Change

* a response to many type of change that take place on the social and non-social environment * Generally affected by the agents of socialization
John Dewey
* A prominent American philosopher and professor of the late 1800s and early 1900s * Father of Progressivism
* Progressivism was derived from pragmatism
*John Dewey wrote the Essay on “Education and Social Change*

* “How schools” participate in the Social Change
* Dewey supports the notion that society is constantly changing, and that education reflects, generates, and guides social change. * *There is some confusion in how the school lead the society *Definition by the “Conservatives”

Those People who are considered to be traditionalists. They want the old ways rather than the new ways. * Conservatives are opposed to modernism and progressivism * Conservatives believe that schools should not influence or guide social change * They favor older types of study and “disciplinary methods” in schools (Dewey, 2001, p. 335).

“Impotence of Education”
* Those who represent dominant and economic political regime, together with the conservatives, believes that education does not influence social order or social change. * Economy is the influence, and education merely reflects this social order and the dominant economic class. * Nothing can change without overthrowing this dominant economic class and replacing it with another, not even for education. * Dewey argues that if all of this were true, then any coup of the current dominant economic class would also have to bring with it other changes in the morals,...
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