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  • Published : December 22, 2012
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University of sT. Cyril and methodius
Faculty of Arts

The Department of British and American Studies

Lingea Veľký slovník anglicko-slovenský a slovensko-anglický

In my seminar work I'm writing about the dictonary called Lingea Veľký slovník anglicko-slovenský a slovensko-anglický, published by Lingea in Bratislava, 2008. Lingea Veľký slovník anglicko-slovenský a slovensko-anglický is a translation dictionary (Slovak-English, English-Slovak). It is a dictionary for general purpose. In the book cover text there is mentioned that the dictionary is intended for translators as well as for every earnest student of English. There is mentioned that the dictionary contains 102.000 entries. Whether it is true or not, it is a medium-sized dictionary.

Front matter

The front matter of the dictionary starts with a preface. In this part, we learn that the dictionary is written by more than twenty unspecified authors who used the same technique to build one dictionary structure. It is mentioned that Lingea Veľký slovník anglicko-slovenský a slovensko-anglický is so far the largest one-volume Slovak-English and English-Slovak dictionary published in Slovakia. Apart from everyday language, it contains legal terms, terms in science and technology, as well as economics terminology. The authors claim that this dictionary contains entries, translations, phrases, and idioms, that are truly in use in the present day language. The English entries in the dictionary were selected are based on the content of best known English dictionaries, published by Collins, Oxford, Cambridge, Longman, Cassell, Merriam Webster, Chambers, Random House, Bloomsbury, and a handful of special purpose dictionaries of phrasal verbs, idioms, slang, encyclopedic dictionaries, and dictionaries of technical terminology. In the preface, there are also some examples of entries that the authors claim we cannot find in other Slovak-English and...
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