Bai Luan Luyen Toefl

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  • Published : July 27, 2013
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The world of today, the number of people who move to new places increase more than in the past. People locomate to new cities or new countries for some reasons such as to find a better job, to get a better education and many more. Migrating to a new area is a big challenge because individuals will face several problem and should overcome those difficulties enormously well to survive and succeed. The obsctacles that human beings usually deal with are related to culture, language and loneliness. I would like to explain why I say so. Culture is often a huge stupor in many cases, peculiarly for people who are not used to moving from their original place. Those who are accustomed to living in rural area with thoroughly friendly inhabitants have to get used to urban people who incline to be more individualistic moreover by and large do not accept gladly the new acquaintances very well. To meet this challenge people should be more active to approach new friends by being involved in some organizations or clubs. The members of a club are typically individuals who have common interest. Hence, joining a particular society will ease someones to adapt to a new culture. Language is sometimes an obstruction, particularly for human beings who move to another country with different language. To cope with this situation individuals should prepare themselves quite well through learning the language of the destination country especially in general level that is about daily conversation. Pocket dictionary should be carried by them everywhere so that they will be more confident in interacting with people. For those who move to new places alone without their family, sometimes will undergo loneliness as well. To overcome this condition, gadgets and mobile phones are usually helpful. The enhancement of technology alleviate humankind to communicate with their old friends and families wherever they are and whenever they want. To sum up, moving to new laces is not an easy thing, so that...
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