Level of Enthusiasm of Criminology Students Along School Programs and Routinary Activities in Relation to Performance

Topics: High school, Education, Assessment Pages: 7 (1995 words) Published: August 20, 2012
Chapter 1
The Problem and its Background

Enthusiasm is a passionate admiration or interest and performance are the things which are accomplished and/or contrasted with capability (The New Lexicon Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language). Two words that go together which affect a Student’s class standing at School. According to R. W. Emerson, “Every great and commanding movement in the annals of the world is the triumph of enthusiasm. Nothing great was ever achieved without it”. From here, he clearly stated that the enthusiasm of a person could make him an achiever or a failure to not only on his own world but to the nation where he belongs. Students should understand the value of enthusiasm to their current stage, the stage of education, the life of a student at School. Being a student is just the opening for a great opportunity in life. Of course, to meet a high performance in a thing needs perseverance. Taking into consideration the relationship between the level of enthusiasm and the performance of the students in school is a big factor to determine how high a student achieved in his future. A student who is of high interest does not mean that he have an outstanding performance at school. The level of enthusiasm of a person depends on how he engages himself to the different programs and routinary activities of the institution where he belongs. An institution like the University of Cagayan Valley have various programs that could enhance the students personality. If a student has an interest in these programs, he may develop himself to become a more progressive person. Hence, his engagement at the different school programs gives him sense of belongingness and involvement. In terms of their engagement on the daily activities on school, their interest in their subject allows them to participate actively and could give them a positive result. Failure to engage themselves to the routinary activities in school is a result of their lack of initiative and misuse interest. In some cases, students who lack these things are those who are being influenced by their co-leagues in the wrong way, those who don’t have any interest in their subjects, the ones who found their instructors boring and those who only attend to school for the sake of their allowance. These are just some of the negative results of the irresponsible use of the term Enthusiasm. On the other hand, performance is the equivalent of the result of their enthusiasm. There is a great possibility that when a student has a positive-high level of enthusiasm, he may achieve a high performance at school and vice versa. Looking at this present time, the new generations of youths are becoming too irresponsible on different things and one of this is in terms of education. They treat education and studying as their past time to excuse themselves from their home chores and to have allowance to support their wants and to spend for their troops. These things are too far from the belief of the earlier generations because for them, education is too precious to spoil. Therefore, this study is conducted.

Conceptual Framework
The conceptual framework of this study comes from the researchers’ belief that the level of enthusiasm of the Criminology students along the different school programs and routinary activities affects their performance at school. A simple way to discover the level of enthusiasm of the students is to rate their performance at school. Thus, their performance in school describes how interested the students are when it comes to the different activities that engaged them to the school.

Students must identify the need of having a satisfactory performance at school to enable themselves to achieve their future goals. Their identification of the different level of enthusiasm is a great help for them to know how far had they gone and undergo in order to excel on the different programs and activities at school....
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