School Enviornment and Curriculum Development

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 3 (944 words) Published: August 5, 2012
According to the text there are many gray areas with Curriculum. Many of the current models used are outdated and do not reflect the changes in society. Also, due to an increase in federal standards the curriculum development process is funded and headed by outsiders. These factors trickle down into the heart of the school environment, beginning with curriculum leadership. As a teacher I have become very aware of my educational surroundings. I am saddened by the techniques implemented within schools which do not recognize the entire teacher and student population. Many of the models are either outdated or theoretically based models, which consequently are geared to a certain student population. Any educator realizes that students, teachers and each individual school have unique characteristics. A “one size fits all” approach to education is misleading and is an ill advised approach to instruction and lifelong learning. In my work place, educators are forced to instruct using a “specific” strategy (Sebring, 2000). If they fail to do so, their evaluation will signify this error. This current management style of “teach this, say that, or else,” is creating many unhappy educators. Most educators enjoy showing their personality through their teaching. It is what makes them unique and it is also what encourages the students learn in the classroom (English, 2000) Students enjoy the teacher-student relationship. They want to see an energetic and positive instructor who allows them to be themselves while also learning. The lack of enthusiasm seen among many education professionals is a reflection of the current flaws in the education system. The decision makers are avoiding the truth and instead of making a stand for the good of the students and teachers they are bowing out and accepting the system at face value. I feel one of the most influential contributing factors to the down fall in education is the current top- down supervisory style. It isn’t uncommon for those...
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