Level 3 Childcare

Topics: The Child, Developmental psychology, Child Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Learning Outcome 2: Observation Record | Placement Number - 3 | Observation Number - | Date – 15.11.2012 | Type of Setting - Day Nursery | Type of Observation - Written | Personal, Social and Emotional Communication and Language Physical Literacy Mathematics Understanding of the world Expressive Arts and Design | Age of children - 0-1 years | Time allowed - 1:35 to 1:45pm (10minutes) |

Indoor/Outdoor observation – Indoor Observation | Additional Needs – Yes/No If yes please state: - | Number of children included in the observation – 2 | Give a brief overview of the observation – (What did you basically see?) On the carpet with foil sheet, shiny objects out of basket, sensory ball and squeeze toys. All took place in room 1. | What is the aim of your observation – (What did you want to learn / investigate?) The aim of this observation was to see how the children interact with one other. | Write your observation here – (Remember to give as much detail as you can. What did the children say? What did you say? Link your observation to one of PILES. ) Child 1 and Child 2 enjoying the foil sheet and shiny objects. Child 1 puts foil sheet in his mouth. Child 2 - "bababa" Child 2 has the foil sheet under his foot and is kicking it. I lift the sheet up and down to make waves. Child 2 shuffles away with sensory ball. Child 2 throws it across the room. Child 1 reaches for squeeze cupcake toy. He drops it and I pick it back up. I squeeze the toy to make a noise. Child 2 giggles and smiles. Child 1 still throwing the balls around the room. | Evaluate your observation – (What did the children do? Are they at the correct stage and age of development? Link their development to theory and include references to support that theory. Try to include Early Years Foundation Stage, National Curriculum, knowledge, skills, concepts and other considerations) I found out the children...
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