Letter to Mother Earth

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  • Published : May 9, 2011
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Ingrid is the organizer of this yoga meetup group. I am on her emailing list and I received a message from her today that I think is worth being read by more people. So here it is: A Letter to the Mother Earth. I just want to thank you for your sacrifice

You give us air, water, food, everything
We need to live life to the fullest and yet
Keep giving more – wood, oil, wind that is
Energy to help us develop and grow
How can I repay you for all that you’ve done?
I just want to tell you How Amazing You Are
Consider how a seed grows, how a deer feeds
On plants, how a mountain lion hunts the deer
We know nothing about the cycle of life compared
to you, oh Mother Earth – please teach us
Knowledge is power and awareness is the key
E = Every day Earth Day
A = Attune to nature
R = Respect the environment
T = Teach others the 3 R’s
H = Help us change our ways
Recycle, reduce, reuse. Every child should know this
Everyone needs to do it – Not just on Earth Day but
Now, tomorrow and in the days to come before we destroy
The only home that we all share. Thank you Mother Earth.
The inner compassion cultivated from yoga practice naturally extends to a larger context. The intimate connection with everything including the mother nature naturally makes an individual environmentally friendly. It’s a natural process, and so beautiful. Cultivating our inside is more important than the outside, and it has largely been overlooked in the pursuit of the outside. Yoga helps to bring the attention back, so does meditation.
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