Letter to Editor

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Letter to the Editor

A travel magazine has recently published an article on the theme: “People should see their own countries first before visiting others”. This article made such an impression on you that you have decided to write a response to it. Write a letter to the editor either agreeing or disagreeing with this article.

Valdemars Alle 45, 1 TV
2860 Søborg
12th October 2012

The Editor
The Travel Magazine
Lime Street
Yorkshire YM9

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this to you about the article on the theme “People should see their own countries first before visiting others” which appeared in your newspaper last week. This article left an extremely strong impression on me and I personally agree with it. I think traveling abroad is an amazing experience and I would highly recommend everyone to try it if they get the chance. However, in order to properly understand other countries and their cultures, you might as well as explore your own first. For the holidays you can always choose a destination to visit. It always brings happiness when you are go away for the weekend or a week or two. During that special time away from the normal everyday events, you should try to make an effort to cross your own country from one end to the other. Make plans to visit all the tourist attractions in your own country. Start with the ones that are closest to your area of residence and then try to pass by all the cities, major town and see all the famous landmarks. You will discover places you didn’t even know existed. The difference in scenery will amaze you. The numerous amounts of new information and knowledge that you get from travelling in your own country might surprise you. Furthermore, when you travel to other parts of the country you will find that practices in culture and beliefs vary greatly. It is interesting to know that even when you come from the same nation, speak the same language as everyone else in your country; there are still a...
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