Letter of Motivation

Topics: John Stuart Mill, Adam Smith, Karl Marx Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: November 3, 2010

I hereby apply for admission to study in the XXX programme under the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship at your highly esteemed university.

I am a twenty-six-year old Ghanaian, and hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from theuniversity of XXX, Ghana.

My desire to study in the particular field reflects my ambition to become a seasoned researcher with all the ethics and techniques of the profession embedded in me.

Setting such a clear-cut ambition for oneself is not an easy task. However, I was inspired by two main factors: the first one has to do with my background and the second has to do with my study of Economics as a subject over the past seven years.

In the first instance, I grew up in a country (Ghana), which is endowed with numerous natural resources and yet its people wallow in poverty. After a considerable thought over this, I found the major cause to be the paucity and less regard for research works. As a result, our dear nation lacks a clear national development agenda directing the utilization of the relatively scarce resources in satisfying the numerous wants of Ghanaians, which is the fundamental aim of every economist. I am therefore convinced that a master’s degree in XXX which places emphasis on research will enhance my capacity to undertake research and offer possible solutions to societal problems.

Furthermore, a study of the subject over the past seven years has exposed me to the foundations and development of modern economics as seen in the works of great economists like Adam Smith, Maynard Keynes, John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx, David Ricardo, to mention but a few. Ever since, my interest has been sustained in the discipline especially in the area of International Economics. This partly explains my interest in the M. A. Economics of International Trade and European Integration. My interest in International Economics is justified in the sense that concerns have often been expressed about the problems...
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