Letter of Motivation

Topics: Telecommunication, Digital signal processing, Electrical engineering Pages: 5 (1447 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Letter of Motivation

I, Md. Junayed Sarker very much encouraged with the statement that “Quality Education is the key things to build up an apposite and sustainable career”. I’m convinced that practical and pragmatic based career is quite impossible without a strong base as well as hard work. Therefore my intent is to establish me as a successful pollster through hard work, devotion and best utilization of my talent which will give me an opportunity to contribute in the advancement of technology.

My interest in Communication networks and its protocols blossomed during my under graduate years. Right since the beginning of my undergraduate study, Communication is a subject that has fascinated me with its array of applications. The subjects that I have studied include Telecommunication Principles, Random Signals and Processes, Telecommunication Engineering, Advanced Telecommunication Technique, Digital Signal Processing and Radio Frequency Engineering laid the foundation for my interests to build up in Communication at a later stage. As a consequence, in my B.Sc final year thesis titled “Signaling System 7 (SS7) Protocol Analyzer, Call Generator software operated with E1 interface card, developed by using Intel’s USB architecture.”, I have developed software and related hardware to acquire data from SS7 transmission network by interfacing the network with computer. My B.Sc Final year thesis was selected to be the best among all the students of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering department of 2007 batch. The thesis was presented by the honorable Vice-Chancellor of Islamic University of Technology in the annual OIC education council summit held in Senegal, 2007.

To the extension of my thesis work, I tried to apply the technique that I developed in my undergraduate studies, in the Communication between Remote Terminal Units (RTU) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) and in the development of Improved Distributed Database Based ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Network Using Existing IP Network. Now-a-days communication engineering is facing an age of explosive transformation that is both facilitating and influencing the unification of services. Compared to voice, packet data is becoming more significant proportion of traffic. It has become essential to find ways of consolidating voice, data traffic, platforms and services to reduce the operational, maintenance and initial cost of the network. IP based SIGTRAN network is now considered the most promising media on which to build the new integrated services platform which is basically SS7 in the IP packet. As a part of on-going integration of circuit networks and SIGTRAN networks, I proposed another technique which is very cost effective common exchange developed by using CPLD driven device to consolidate existing SS7 network and SIGTRAN network. Our exchange comprises of hardware driven by CPLD, E1 card and ASTERIX software.

I am working as a lecturer in the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology. Teaching and research in Technical field go hand by hand. Some teaching staff will have qualified in one of the applied Engineering professions and go for that job as I worked for LM Ericsson Bangladesh Ltd which is ranked one Telecom solution provider. During my one year tenure at Ericsson I realized that to accomplish some real work for the company form the technical perspective, I require a strong base in the particular section, I move toward to teaching to develop professional practice and conduct research, or simply share my knowledge. Here I have attained the privilege to study and conduct classes according to my area of interest and as a result two of my papers published in a renowned journal and three of them published in IEEE conference proceedings.

As it is quite known Optical or IR data transmission has several advantages over electrical transmission and it has...
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