Let It Be Resolved That; the Philippines Should Withdraw Its Membership with Wto

Topics: International trade, Philippines, Most favoured nation Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: February 16, 2011
Let It Be Resolved that; The Philippines should withdraw its Membership with WTO I want Nobody Nobody but me, myself and I............
Sir Valladares our dear professor, invited adjudicators, our supportive classmates and to our opponent, Good afternoon. The proposition of this debate is " Let it be resolved that the Philippines should withdraw its membership with WTO". On the negative side, we strongly disagree with the idea of this proposition, WE PROPOSE THAT PHILIPPINES SHOULD NOT WITHDRAW ITS MEMBERSHIP WITH WTO. As the first speaker of the negative side, I will tell you about the practicability of the proposition. Our second speaker will cite to you about the necessity of the proposition and our third speaker will discuss the benefits of not withdrawing from WTO and the advantages of the alternative solution. Now, I would like to tell you my points. First, it will disregard Article XII , Sec.13 of the constitution, second it ignores the fact that sovereignty of the Philippines is limited by International Law and Treaties. Third, it will not give room for the Philippines to enjoy privileges from other member countries and security of trading rules. And lastly, It is against the balance attainment of national development. Now let me go back to my points:

First, it will disregard Article XII Sec. 3 of the constitution that states: Sec.13. The State shall pursue a trade policy that serves the general welfare and utilizes all forms and arrangements of exchange on the basis of equality and reciprocity. In fact, WTO membership means that the Philippines automatically receive most favored nation status. Basically, all 149 WTO members are “most favored”, which means they must all treat each other the same, and give no preferential trade preference to any one partner without giving that preference to all. WTO members trade with lower trade barriers, including tariffs, import quotas and excessive...
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