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Kyle Charles
AP Human Geo, Per. 1
Knox, Y-5
Wednesday and Thursday Free-Responses

3.) Explain Rostow’s development model
This model has 5 stages of development that show the things necessary for proper growth in a state. Stage 1 starts with the traditional society. This term defines a country that has not yet started a process of development. A traditional society contains a very high percentage of people engaged in agriculture and a high percentage of national wealth allocated to what Rostow called “nonproductive” activities, such as the military and religion. Stage 2 is the preconditions for takeoff, which basically explains that a primary or higher class group starts to make innovative economic activities. They have well-educated leaders whom push the country into great technology and infrastructure and to stimulate productivity. Stage 3 is the takeoff. Rapid growth is generated in a limited number of economic activities, such as textiles or food products. These few takeoof industries achieve technical advances and become productive, whereas other sectors of the economy remain dominated by traditional practices. Stage 4 is the drive to maturity. Modern technology, previously confined to a few takeoff industries, diffuses to a wide variety of industries which then experience rapid growth comparable to the takeoff industries. Workers become more skilled and specialized. Stage 5 is the last stage which is the age of mass consumption. The economy shifts from production of heavy industry, such as steel and energy, to consumer goods, such as motor vehicles and refrigerators. (Some information above is direct from book)

4.) Explain the WTO and its critics view.
The world trade organization is a supranational organization that deals with all the world’s affairs with foreign trade within member countries. They also settle disputes on costs of trade or regulation of trade and enforce that member countries adhere to their agreements. It oversees...
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