Lessons of 3 Idiots

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  • Published : October 4, 2011
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‘I have scored only 91%.I am very depressed, while mummy compares me to Monika who has scored a 93%,she will easily get an admission in a good college but ,what will be my future? This is a big challenge facing me .I am fed up with life; marks are everything for them but actually nothing. I wish I were one of those lucky ones like Monika……’

Today marks and competition form a big basis for educational systems. Today many of the children have the same condition like that mentioned above. Almost everyone is included in the rat race for maximum marks, naming it as a “healthy competition” but is it really a healthy competition or just marks dominated education? Why should we keep on bagging for a few marks?

Well, according to me, ‘Three Idiots’ is an ideal representation about what the oppressive educational system is like and how should be shaped to make the students proper human and not just educationalists who know nothing about anything outside the books or are not very much constructive for the new world of advancement, only inspiring minds would be able to make it and they would only be able to make it and they would only be able to be better job-holders who are passionate about that field or source of job and not just pushed/forced into it. This way a person would never be able to benefit the new developed modern India.

This is a true fact that education builds a person’s mind. Education is not just for the sake of brilliance of marks and boasts of high degrees but the main aim of education ought to provide a person great opportunities to help humanity and serve the nation. While ‘Three Idiots ’provided a perfect view into quality and not just quantity education .I would like to reflect upon by this the character of Raju,who was a middle class boy with a poor family in case of finances, living conditions and health, having great expectations from him that he will prove to be a great help to the family in...
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