Why I Wanted to Pursue Culinary Arts

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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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PEREZ, Angelee Ann B.
CBET 01-401A Literature 1

“The Three Idiots”, this film was popular since then. I was just curios why was it so. My first connotation was; the film was pure comedy movie, actually, an ordinary comedy film, that it was a companionship of three men who make a lot of sophistries but I was definitely wrong. Its title was captivating; it’s attention-catcher which I think one of the reasons why it was entitled that way, to win the attention of the public but that doesn’t end in that, I think that it was entitled “The Three Idiots” because there are three college students, who are best of friends, they are called “idiots” because they do things which are against to what is being done so; traditions, they oppose the rules, and do stuffs which they think are right. These three ‘idiots’ pursue their college education, actually, with the same reason: they do it for the sake of others’ favours, not for themselves. They pursue college to satisfy the wants of their parents because they believe so that through college education, they can be saved from the sufferings brought by poverty, for the reason of “spotlight”, that by education, their sons and daughters can build themselves; to be independent, their future; we cannot deny these mere facts because these really exist. That the relevance of attending college is for learning; that being a college student must comply with the rules and regulations of the administration, of the school. The film made me remember the times I was about to enter college. I remembered that in my senior year, my teachers, schoolmates were asking where I’m going to study for college and what course I’m going to take. My first answer was, Culinary Arts, I want to be a chef someday, no one believed me. They thought I was kidding, but I was serious. Then when I took the Entrance Examination in SLU, Baguio City,...
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